My Life

Most of my childhood was spent in a part of Hollywood, California, where many old film stars and movie moguls lived. Cecil B. DeMille and W.C. Fields were our neighbors. I worked in the radio industry as a child actress and attended Immaculate Heart High School, a local school for girls.

After high school, I commuted to the University of Southern California as a day student and received my degree in English.

My father was auditor-comptroller of Los Angeles County and my mother wrote radio plays. There were three girls in our family and all of us were interested in writing. I was always working on poems and plays and drawing pictures of the people around me.

During my earliest years, my retired grandfather would drop anything he was doing to read to us during the day. Everyone else in my family told stories and we expected bedtime stories to be original. Since my grandmother could never think of original characters, her tales always starred Mickey and Minnie Mouse. But these mice had amazing adventures on the high seas. My staid father's stories were rare and the ones we loved most. They featured two brothers named Jan and Willy and an old sea captain. There was an annoying chant my sisters and I devised to beg for "Jan and Willy" stories when we felt we’d been deprived of them for too long.

Most of my adult life has been spent in New England where my husband, Wallace, and I have raised five children. When my children were small I studied art at the DeCordova Museum School and Brandeis University. I began writing children's books and poetry for publication about forty years ago.

I recently retired from teaching in the MFA program in creative writing at Lesley University and am working on a new historical novel and a new series of oil paintings.

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